The Impossibility of Medicare For All

Bernie Sanders is at it again by pushing for a nation-wide single-payer healthcare system [1]. The Affordable Care Act is beginning to rear its ugly head after post-analyses showed insurance premiums for healthcare became more unaffordable after enacting ACA into law [2] [3]. When he ran for president in 2016, Sanders’ plans for single-payer healthcare … Continue reading The Impossibility of Medicare For All


What are Rights?

It has dawned on me that many people nowadays throw the words “rights” without actually understanding what they are, their limits, or even their origins. Often I hear it as an attempt to morally justify their proposed solution or actions. Whether it makes logical, empirical, or even moral sense is not on the agenda. So … Continue reading What are Rights?

Sexual Promiscuity: A Link to Divorce and Unhappiness

At this current juncture in America, many believe that casual sex is harmless to individuals and society. They believe that they are free to do what they want, whomever they want, and be sexually free as long as it’s voluntary. This idea was very foreign to older generations, and it started becoming a norm in … Continue reading Sexual Promiscuity: A Link to Divorce and Unhappiness

Refuting Common Minimum Wage Arguments

In the United States, I have noticed increasing amounts of local municipalities instituting minimum wage laws. This is happening in many states across America, with many people supporting it in the hopes of bettering workers’ wages. Unfortunately, minimum wage is economically dysfunctional and unethical, yet so many people who lack economic or ethical knowledge are … Continue reading Refuting Common Minimum Wage Arguments

Election Results: Progressive Hypocrisy and Moral Decay

After Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, many progressives could not believe the reality that they were in. Many of them were distraught at the results, and planned to take action. Since the 2016 election, progressives have done almost everything that violated the rule of law, their principles, and basic human rights. Ironically, they … Continue reading Election Results: Progressive Hypocrisy and Moral Decay

Electoral College and Direct Democracy

After the recent election results, people are bringing up their discontent once more about the Electoral College. After Trump received the majority of electoral votes, many people desired to institute national popular vote. In other words, they want to elect the new president by direct democracy, which counts each person’s vote in the nation until … Continue reading Electoral College and Direct Democracy