Election Results: Progressive Hypocrisy and Moral Decay

After Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, many progressives could not believe the reality that they were in. Many of them were distraught at the results, and planned to take action. Since the 2016 election, progressives have done almost everything that violated the rule of law, their principles, and basic human rights. Ironically, they propelled Trump and the Republican’s takeover through decades of political correctness, Cultural Marxism, and their underhanded tricks via mainstream media and rigging election results. This could be the very start to ending a parasitic ideology that has plagued America’s remaining Western values.

Progressive/Liberal Split

After the DNC rigged the nomination against Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton becomes the nominee [1]. Bernie Sanders supporters began to split after Clinton received the nomination, splitting to Jill Stein supporters, Clinton supporters, and Trump supporters (Bernie or Bust). The Bernie or Bust group is people who demanded Bernie becomes the nominee or they will express their discontent by voting for Donald Trump (Republican candidate) [2]. Other discontent that came from voters originated in looking at Clinton’s stances, issues, and the DNC. She is a candidate that provided no change to the current situation that the citizens of the United States are in. She is surrounded by her email scandals [3], pro-war stance [4], flip-flops on key issues [5], and other various issues that discredit her reputation and the DNC. These issues varied from voter fraud in the form of allowing illegal immigrants voting for her, her funding from Wall Street banks [6], George Soros [7], and Middle Eastern countries [8], and her partnership with the DNC in paying rioters to disrupt Trump rallies [9]. All of these things became public news and people are tired of it. She supported women’s rights but takes money from Saudi Arabia, a country that treats women like 2nd class citizens. At the very end, many of the people who voted for her did so because they did not want Trump to become president. It was difficult to even find an honest and moral position for voting for Hillary Clinton as most mainstream media outlets spent time covering Trump’s performance rather than showing positive points about Clinton. Instead, they concentrate on Hillary Clinton spending her time posing with celebrities to look like she’s connecting with young people (which failed) [10] and condemning a frog meme of white supremacy [11]. Is it any wonder why Clinton lost?

Trump’s Supporters and Obama Voters

Decades of multiculturalism, political correctness, mass immigration, and enlarging government has led people to respond in different ways. People do not want to be slandered with concepts like white privilege, homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc. Progressives and their fight for social justice has enlarged government intervention and destroyed social trust in the United States. People can see their national identity and values shifting as people try to force immigrants and their culture upon the native people’s culture (conservative/classical liberal tradition). This spawned reactionary groups such as the Alternative Right (Alt-Right) to fight back against multicultural advancements onto their culture. This is evident as we can see this around the United States where legal immigrants and citizens supported immigration reform, and the migrant crisis in Europe has also spawned reactionary groups to battle multiculturalism and to halt immigration from Middle Eastern countries [12]. People will look to these groups as a way to defend their home, and this was expressed in their votes during elections. Finally, Obama’s tenure as president disenfranchised working class people with increasing the cost of higher premiums on their medical insurance, higher taxes, higher spending, and larger national debt. This can be seen where Trump received 83 electoral votes from former Obama states [13].

Riots, Hypocrisy, and Overturning the Results

Riots ensued after Trump’s victory as President-Elect. Riots in cities like Portland began, destroying property and attacking Trump supporters [14]. Most of the violence was considered justified because they believe that the election system rigged the results against Clinton. Oddly enough, it was mainstream media that was against Donald Trump, and yet they provided him with $2 billion in media coverage [15]. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump did not invest heavily into paying for his advertisements around the country [16]. He used the media coverage to his advantage, which ironically gained him further support. Some people believed that Trump gained it by preying on the fears of the people but these issues have been here for decades. It was just recently that it has become apparent that even the common man finally understands the results of the hypocrisy of progressives and their ideology. Progressives and liberals took to the streets to preach love and peace but leave destruction in the wake of their protests/riots.  They block roads and highways, which caused the death of a 4 year old child [17]. They called for Trump’s death and advocated for Melenia Trump to be raped [18]. They call Trump and his supporters racist but they cannot even see through their hypocrisy when they support BLM, a group that attacked Whites based on their color in Charlotte, NC [19]. To the progressives, it is only racist if the offender was a white person. Hillary Clinton made it a point that if Trump does not respect the results of election, then he is directly threatening democracy. Yet, Clinton’s team joined Jill Stein in having a recount in Wisconsin [20]. In addition to that, these voters claimed that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and we should disregard the results of the Electoral College. They even began sending death threats to coerce electors to change their votes in December [21]. It seems that democracy only works when the results favor them. Are these the people who should get their way? They step over the rule of law, the constitution, Western values, institutions that protect commons, liberty, and the voices of the people. They use dirty tricks, force, and threats to get their way. They do not care about the common people’s voice, and they believe that the people have not spoken since the popular vote shows otherwise. If that claim is true, then why did the Republicans gained a majority in Congress and governorship? [22] It is apparent that the people had their say, and it was shown in their votes.

Beginning of the End

Throughout the entire election process, this is the beginning of how the progressive ideology implodes. The mainstream media blames fake news websites, which are conservative/libertarian news outlets that have been censored by Facebook before [23]. The progressives blame the Green Party for dividing the vote [24]. Progressives are still calling Trump supporters racist. They are blinded by their own hypocrisy. Bernie Sanders was cheated, and took a payoff to support Clinton. This is to say that not all progressives are like this, but their ideology itself has led to its downfall. A majority of these progressive politicians have no sense of principle, and this have allowed infighting in their own group. This is the start to the destruction of left-wing identity politics.


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