My Story

Since creating this blog, I haven’t properly explain why I created this website or my journey. I am someone who desires truth and freedom above all else. These are the bedrock principles that guide me to living a proper and fulfilling life. These basic values stem from Western culture, a culture that is widely condemned and modeled around the world. I am of Asian descent (motherland) and of American nationality (homeland). This is the story of my transformation from leftist to libertarian, and my duty to our civilization.

I come from a very liberal (in the American sense) state. I was raised to value equality, social justice, respect for other cultures, racial equality, religions, big government, social programs, feminism, injustices, and to love/hate government at various points in history. I was ingrained with this thinking from elementary to high school. I never questioned its validity, logic, or even the evidence presented for these things. I accepted them to be true because it made sense on the surface. Racial issues became a particular area of interest for me, especially the civil rights movement and slavery. I ate the same propaganda that children are eating up right now. They are all indoctrinated to think a certain way and to think in ways that promotes parasitism and fallacious reasoning, all mainly to use the State (government entity, not a state like New York) apparatus to rearrange society to their liking. It wasn’t until I went to college and took a microeconomics class where I finally started questioning the validity of the liberal values I held passionately.

I learned the economic logic of trade, property rights, supply and demand, and other various tools that guided me to questioning liberal ideas such as income inequality, wage gaps, unions, etc. Even government intervention into the economy became nothing more than a wasteful endeavor. Learning the irrefutable logic that economics provided broke my liberal bias down. I was not entirely convinced that my preconceived notions were wrong until I read Economic Facts and Fallacies by Thomas Sowell. That book showed me the way, or how my friends would call “being woke.” It showed all the logic and empirical evidence that disproved all popular left-wing notions. From vanishing middle classes to gender differences in incomes, it was a phenomenal book. It taught me that logic and empirical evidence are essential to proving one’s theories or validating values. I came to the conclusion that social justice, with its decades of government policies, failed miserably while liberty has been the precondition to all human prosperity.

How can I turn back on my values that came from liberal ideology? Slowly, it just didn’t make any sense. Calling everything racist against a minority won’t do anything. Poverty would not be solved by government. Simple logical analyses of each of these issues show that they are not productive nor do they solve its prime imperatives. I’ve seen the illogical explanation of those who tried to reason against free men. They prefer personal liberty, but want the government to regulate economic liberty. I can be free to do what I want to my body but when it comes to offering my labor or money, it must be regulated. That is not the definition of being free. It has no empirical nor logical basis in any of these assertions. They smear groups such as conservatives and libertarians; people who prefer limited government. Any challenge to the liberal ideology is always met with cognitive dissonance and matters of belief or opinion as it were about religious belief. They worship unions, liberal presidents, and equal rights. Yet, with every little victory they celebrate, they keep seeing the same problems. Decades of their policies have destroyed society and they blame it on their enemies. It was, as I’ve seen, a poisonous ideology that destroys the very fabric of society and a nation. With the recent acts by liberals in the 2016 election, it’s even more apparent of their insanity and their lack of respect of rule of law, freedom, and proper conduct.

I was driven away from this ideology when faced with truth. That was the difference between me and the others. Reading a book against my own ideology in pursuit of truth made all the difference in the world. Here I am, writing this to those who desire truth, to open their minds to the truth in protecting what’s right. Pursue the truth, fight for your freedom, and defend what you believe is right. Validate it through logic and empirical evidence. It’s the only way to see the world for what it is and to create your life through honorable means. My story is one of many who are disenfranchised from this prevalent ideology that has destroyed our homeland. We all have a duty to preserving our culture and the institutions that have brought human prosperity to its people in such little time. It is now time to leverage new technology and ideas to either be entrepreneurs or even intellectuals in spreading and defending our liberties.


2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. When in college and for several years thereafter, I self-identified as a Liberal. Although I’m not certain I could express my journey as well as you did above, I am now both fiscally and socially conservative.

    Does that mean I am racist? You decide…my youngest son decided to marry a very intelligent black woman. I had zero reason to oppose the marriage, and love my two very smart and well behaved grandchildren no less than my own two sons.


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