Refuting Black Lives Matter

Recently, I’ve seen an increasing amount of news on police brutality and Black Lives Matter. 2 years after the Ferguson riots, BLM has grown into a giant movement that spans across the international stage [1]. Celebrities support BLM along with various businesses and human rights groups. I have seen people around my age supporting the growing BLM movement by sharing various videos about BLM and their efforts. Yet, with so much support, I find it disappointing that most people would be convinced of the narratives produced by BLM. BLM supporters and the movement itself are partly made up of people with good intentions and self-righteousness in their hearts, yet they fail to see anything but racism between the police and the victims. They want to end institutionalized racism and police brutalities against blacks. As noble as that sounds, their plight cannot stand under scrutiny. They craft an attractive narrative that does not paint an accurate picture of blacks and the police in the United States at this current time. Their principles are not limited to stopping institutionalized racism against blacks either. Other principles ranging from being “unapologetically black,” black families, having loving engagement, diversity, transgender affirming, and anything but the rampant effects that the drug war, welfare state, and the self destruction within the black community [2]. BLM’s words do not match their actions and their “principles” cannot be validated logically or empirically. In short, BLM falls on all fronts when examining it for truth, and they only look to create a false narrative to gain political support. In this post, I will show how their actions discredit their movement, and the actual status of the black community in terms of crime statistics, culture, and social policies.

Historical Evidence: BLM’s Contradictions

I find it hard to believe that anyone would support BLM based on some of the measures they have taken in the past 2 years. To name a few (some that actually contradicts their views): inciting race riots that destroyed countless private properties, shops and businesses (owned by blacks), looting stores [3], blocking highways where children needed to be rushed to hospitals [4], etc. None of these are accidents either. BLM have done countless things that affected every life in America deliberately, which also includes the interruptions of speeches and events even though they claim to accept people for diversity. Yet, Milo Yiannopoulos was threatened by BLM protestors during his speaking event at a university [5]. Ben Shapiro [6], Hillary Clinton [7], Bernie Sanders [8], and countless others were all confronted by BLM supporters in each of their respective events to give up the stage to BLM. Most of these events consisted of people who are either white conservatives or just anyone of reputation that attracts a crowd where BLM would like to speak their agenda without even paying for a platform. They interrupted the celebration of a WWII veteran just to protest [9]. It just becomes apparent that they have people who are misguided all around their movement. Even the recent shooting of the nightclub in Orlando surprised me when the official BLM page actually blamed white supremacy and capitalism as causes of the shooting [10]. Many people saw it as a terrorist attack or a gun control problem, and BLM saw it as a white supremacy and capitalist problem. What’s worse is that afterwards, they took the stage from the LGBTQ group to vilify people in the crowd for being white [11]. Lastly, they are the only group of people who took to Twitter to claim that a gorilla was killed to save a child’s “white privilege” even though the child was black [12]. They are the only people I’ve ever heard who looked at a problem about a child falling into a pit with a gorilla as a race problem. A lot of you may not agree with any of the actions I’ve listed above but like their goals, I would like to challenge that as well.

Empirical Data: Crime Stats and Murders

Like any other group that relies on rhetoric, they assign themselves to the victim status. They claim that they are not anti-police and yet, like any group who are considered the victim, will vilify and encourage any attacks on oppressors (in this case, primarily white cops and cops in general). Recently, the slayings of police officers in Dallas by a member of the New Black Panther Party was approved by BLM supporters on Twitter and even before that [13], BLM chanted anti-police rhetoric during marches [14]. To shed more light into the current situation of whether blacks are targeted for their skin color, we need to look at empirical evidence. Blacks represent about 12% of the population in 2010, and they happen to commit more crimes than whites (not saying the entire 12% committed crimes) [15]. From 1980-2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides. In 2013, blacks committed 38% of homicides compared to whites’ 31% along with disproportionate rates of violent crimes [16]. In 2009, blacks commit 62% of all robberies with 57% of murders along with 45% of assaults in the 75 largest counties (blacks only consist of 15% of the population in those counties) [17]. Yet, with a population of that size committing that much crime compared to the majority population (whites), it surprises me on how people can think that this doesn’t correlate with the amount of police confrontations.

Even though blacks commit more crimes than whites, whites are still more than likely to be killed by police officers than blacks (from 1999-2011, 2,151 died at the hands of police compared to 1,130 blacks) [18]. Police officers killed whites and Hispanics at higher rates than blacks as well (White and Hispanic death rates coming from police shooting is 12% compared to blacks’ 4% at the hands of cops) [19]. Even though BLM loves to put the narrative of a white cop killing an unarmed black man, they never stop to realize that black and Hispanic cops are 3.3 times more likely to shoot blacks compared to other cops of other color [17]. A study conducted by Peter Moskos found that whites were actually 1.3 times more likely to be killed by cops than compared to blacks [20]. Even if this isn’t convincing enough, there is data that show whites are killed more per arrest than blacks (whites: 1 death per 22,615 arrests and blacks: 1 death per 24,750) and killed more per violent crime committed (whites: 1 death per 818 violent crime, blacks: 1 death per 1,455 violent crime) [21]. According to FBI statistics, data show that 40% of cop killers composed of blacks, and it also shows that cops are actually 18.5 times more likely to be killed by blacks than other races [19]. In 2012, reported subjects being killed by police gunfire consist of 69% blacks, and yet subjects firing upon police consisted of 79% blacks in NYC [22].

Many people claim that blacks who are unarmed are fatally shot by police because of their skin color, yet there are many cases where the “victim” actually tries to grab a gun from police officers in their violent confrontations [23]. This is evident in the very rise of BLM after the Ferguson incident, even though the entire case proved that the cop didn’t kill Brown for racist reasons at all [24]. For all these narratives of white cops killing blacks because they’re black, people fail to realize the rampant murder rates of black on blacks, which is over 90% (highest compared to whites and other races) [25]. It would actually take police officers 40yrs to kill as many blacks compared to the black on black murder rate in 2012 alone, which is an astonishing number [26]. Many BLM supporters counter the statistics of black on black crime as a factor for all racial groups that live in enclosed areas together (homogeneous areas), and that whites have a high white on white murder rate of 84% or so. If that is to hold true, then we would see the same or a similar rate for Asians and other groups living in America, and yet some of these groups have lower rates than blacks [27]. Are blacks more inherently violent compared to other groups? Of course not, but there is a matter of socioeconomic status, culture, political influence, and other various factors that can lead to these rates being so high for blacks.

Destruction of the Black Community through Culture and Social Policies

Notable factors that contribute to the destruction of actual black lives are the ghetto culture that they inherited from white southerners in the past (also inheritors of a redneck culture stemming from Britons who resided in the lawless border regions of Britain), the growth of the welfare state starting in 1964, war on drugs, and liberal policies. Cracker culture or redneck culture that held poor southern whites back economically and socially ended up evolving into the ghetto culture passed onto Southern blacks [28]. The things we see now in run down neighborhoods with crime and poor socioeconomic status that never truly died off was due to liberal multiculturalism preserving this type of culture and the rise of the welfare state that subsidized that form of behavior. When slavery ended and southern blacks were migrating to the North for better economic opportunities, the northern blacks begrudgingly helped southern blacks adjust to the society in the North and the culture there [29]. As ghetto culture was dying out in the North, traces of redneck culture stayed and expanded behind the scenes with Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society legislation in 1964.

The Great Society measures introduced and increased programs such as welfare spending or money transfers for low income classes (war on poverty measure), healthcare (Medicare and Medicaid), and public education. Ever since then, the black community began to deteriorate in ever greater numbers. When the government provides incentives to not work and give people reason to stay at a level where they would receive more resources by not producing, the government is taking away their economic opportunities and their dignity. Importantly, it breaks down the family structure (this affects all groups, but mostly blacks due to cultural and other differences) [30]. In 2012, 55% of black households are on welfare compared to 23% of white households on welfare [31]. In 2016, blacks consist of 39.6% as recipients of welfare compared to whites who are at 16.8% of recipients [32]. In 2013, 72% of black children grew up in fatherless homes with single mothers, with indications of youth violence and family structure breakdowns [33]. Add this with minimum wage laws that cause skyrocketing unemployment rates among black teens (40.1%) [34] and the war on drugs that threw blacks into jail for drug possessions (which blacks supported for 40yrs) [35], the black community shows that it has more problems than white cops’ absurd “hunt” in destroying blacks. Hundreds of years of slavery, decades of racial discrimination (Jim Crow Laws), and lynchings by KKK members and white supremacists cannot even come close to destroying the black family, yet liberal policies and the black voters (80% Democrat leaning) [36] that intended to help the black community has destroyed the family structure and life in nearly 50yrs.

Concluding Remarks

The Black Lives Matter movement has done nothing but destroyed people’s way of life, and committed great error in talking about the situation of blacks in America. I understand their frustration of the injustices against innocent blacks, but the fact that the people they publicize are criminals is what discredits their case. They rather argue with people who say “All Lives Matter” and protest on freeways than to actually fix any of the problems I’ve listed above. They are intellectually dishonest, and groups of Americans petitioned to have the White House declare BLM as a domestic terrorist group (which failed) [37]. BLM is a failure of a movement built on lies and intellectual dishonesty.


  28. Sowell, Thomas. “Racial Facts and Fallacies.” Economic Facts and Fallacies. New York, NY: Basic, 2011. 165-66. Print.
  29. Sowell, Thomas. “The Special Case of Blacks.” Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality? New York: W. Morrow, 1984. 82-83. Print.

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